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QRossword: crossword puzzle blank


original crossword puzzle QR code- scan the code for answers

This took so long to make. Called project “x” (cross), QR arts populated this over the last two days, and with the help of twitter, I hope that I can get this run in Wired or a major newspaper.  Answers will be posted on my blog post from 2 days ago. PDF available if you really want to give it the full go. So, please contact me if you would like to publish this in a newspaper or magazine!

A special thanks goes out to Sakib  for the brainstorming session, and my friends at Qonnect who asked me about crossword puzzles a few weeks ago, which got my brain spinning.
ps. I have so much more respect for people that make these now. It is NOT easy.  So, if I messed up a few crossword puzzle rules, please forgive me . This was a first go.  Contact me if you need any clues at  Patrick@qrarts.com

pps. Thanks to Joao for the naming idea.

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