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Using QR to go from desktop to mobile

July 23, 2010 1 comment

Story inspired from this link –

The android marketplace gets it.  Using QR codes, people can easily download apps onto their phone, to enjoy a particular mobile experience.  Essentially, QR is being used to move people from the desktop to a mobile platform. The transition between platform has several advantages, but in this case I would ask if mobile is a value add as opposed to shopping on my nice 22 inch screen.

However, what I like about this is that I get to skip the syncing step.  If I see something I like, I feel like the information is zapping itself over from my screen.  Transfer the link, and I will download on my mobile.  When is this advantageous to downloading on my desktop and transferring via hardlink. BUT, the interaction is what I find fascinating. That this interaction moves people down a carefully choreographed UX.

Some interesting issues to think about. What can we learn from this transition, and what affordances do we bring to us when we transfer from desktop to mobile?  Good and bad.  Or is this training customers to think mobile?  There is also the question of mobile app vs mobile web, which is another post all together.