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Inception inspired QR code

July 26, 2010 1 comment

inception qr code

For this code, the concept was to wrap a QR code around an impossible shape. Much of the movie inception dealt with worlds within worlds, and shapes/ times being represented in exponentially.  I wanted to create a piece of QR code art that reflected this challenge, and to do something new that I had never attempted before.

and it works.


Hurricane QR code – So you just like making pretty codes?

May 4, 2010 7 comments

More exploration of the fringes of what a QR could look like.  Only scans with “i-nigma” , but I think the code itself is quite beautiful.

Maybe I should name it something else.

On a side note- someone commented to me “whats the point?”  Personally, my motivation is exploring what can be done with these codes. Its not about if this one is prettier then the next one, but the more I know about how to use pixels to push this technology, I feel better equipped to tackle my paid projects.  Many of my custom QR codes are about this exploration, and figuring out a way to make codes that I find interesting and intriguing.  And, a large part of this process is art oriented. Its about discovery, problem solving, and taking a chance and do something new.

-Patrick Donnelly

Art Gallery using QR (still)

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I am happy to announce that my QR is still being put to use for another show.  As initially designed, the department is rotating out content per month for the same code.  Good implementation of QR for galleries.

Low cost, high return !

QR code lamp prototype

April 25, 2010 1 comment

Qr Arts has produced the first of its kind- a QR lamp.  Lamp features 2 options:

  1. Inner film which allows for higher contrast and a better scan by QR readers.
  2. No film which allows the lamp to project its beautiful data patterns on walls or other surfaces.

Please contact us for a quote.

Note: code translates to “Love,” but any message could be transcribed.
And- this is NOT photoshopped. Its sitting on my desk.

lamp with inner film

lamp without film

QR Stories code doodle

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Decided to see what it would look like if wrote out a snipet of my Mission statement into a QR – with the intention of that it could really make a great advertisement for some hipster brand.  Good thing I learned to stay in the lines when I was little.

My story transcribed into a QR- ultra personalization

QR reader Ranking

April 13, 2010 2 comments

After not having much luck with turning up standards for QR readers, I am going to start conducting my own testing and ranking for iphone reader apps.  IF you have information that would help me out, please shoot me an email.  Especially if you are on RIMM or Android platforms. note: mark if apps are free.

The logic behind this is that I want to assure clients about quality control of User Experience, however, if everyone is using a different app (algorithm) to decode QRs, this results in some codes working, and others not.  So, We decided to reach out to the QR community and see whos using what.

Let the fun begin

In no order ( except how they are displayed )
Iphone testing off of Scrabble QR post. 6 total that I am going to consistently test out more.

1.i-nigma – my favorite –  autoscans, free
2. optiscan- ok so far, autoscans, paid

3.quickmark- ok , paid, autoscan- always says my records are full  (seconded by QrazyStuff)
4. BeeTagg Pro – had trouble with few
5.Logiprint- VERY fast, but all in german, autoscan, free
6. NeoReader- VERY fast, free, great..  Good sound effects too , autoscan
7.QR App, mixed results
8. QR Code, Asia,  cant get to work properly, no
9. QR love code- Not a reader
10. QRooOORQ – foreign, login required. dont know whats going on. NO
11.ScanMee- free- took a while, autoscan.  Maybe pile
12. UN 2d- Spanish, couldnt get to work, need to take picture to decode
13. ZBar-  free, fast, good, autoscans, like that it keeps thumbnails ofpictures
14. QYOO – closed system- non QR
15. microsoft tag- closed system, non qr
16. color code- closed system, non qr

next screen
17. 2dcodeme- didnt work, had to take photo too
18.bleepr- asks for location (annoying), must take picture, long time to decode and then not work. nope
19.code scan- free- took a while to scan, worked at strange distance. opens up URL as text rather then link.
20.icandymobile – good, free, quick, like that you can scan pictures from your library too
21.iDecoder- confusing UI. didnt work on first scan
22.QRBrowser- creates QRs, doesnt scan them
23.Barcodes (google) – had issue here. surpised.
24. Snaptell- closed system- non qr

25. Semacode –  Favorite of QrazyStuff

From @QrazyStuff

HTC phone- win mobile ( twittter @aejnarr)

my fav #qrcode reader currently is i-nigma: Reliable and fast! BeeTag often ok.Platform=HTC Touch Pro 2 (winmob)


1. Blackberry messenger is preinstalled on new phones
2. recomendations for BeeTag
3. recomendations for NeoReader
4. NeoReader – @QrazyStuff
5. Scanlife  – @QrazyStuff

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SCAN ME qrcode

April 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Instructions built right in !