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Axis Salon QR video

July 19, 2010 2 comments


Axis Salon QR Storefront: Washington DC

June 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Beauty Salon Introduces the First Integrative Media Campaign In Capitol Area

Washington, D.C, June 22, 2010 – Axis Salon at 1509 Connecticut Avenue in the trendy DuPont Circle area of Northwest Washington boasts not only excellent beauty salon services but also that  it is the first local business to utilize the newest, most innovative marketing technique, QR barcodes.  These barcodes built into the salon’s stylized window display allow passersby to receive short videos by using any Smartphone equipped with a camera. Seconds after simply taking a photo of any one of the 20 barcodes on the storefront by using free “QR reader app” potential customers will be watching a You Tube video of beauty icons such as Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn or receiving a coupon for discount services at the retail establishment.

Axis salon owner Sue Landini says “Every day I watch people stop out front and scan the codes. Typically they don’t just scan one – they stop what they are doing and scan five or six.  I don’t know any other storefront that can stop busy DC professionals in their tracks and engage them in the experience of interacting with an ad for 3-5 minutes. For a retailer or brand, that’s invaluable.  Our goal was to create an interactive storefront that was just as fun and sophisticated as the people at Axis. By using QR technology we were also able to get dynamic mobile coupons out to potential customers without using conventional advertising and to expand our reputation to our target audience through an amplification effect.” In just a few days the Axis storefront has already been posted internationally in the blogosphere and twitter, appearing on internet sites as far away as Switzerland and Poland.

Quick Response “QR” codes have been popular in Japan for since the mid 90’s, but are just recently gaining popularity in the States.  The designer for the Axis storefront window is Patrick Donnelly, a recent graduate of GW’s MBA program 2010.  He started focusing on QR about a year ago, and recently opened QR Arts in the District of Columbia specializing in creating integrative media campaigns, often utilizing designer QR codes to hard link the physical and digital world.

The vision of QR Arts is to create unique user experiences that move people from impressions to interactions with a brand in under 10 seconds. In an age with multiple online identities, media channels, and versioning of ad campaigns, QR Arts creates campaigns that unify messaging through use of mobile phones and print to web technologies. The barcodes that QR Arts creates are custom designed to match the visual identity of a brand. Mr. Donnelly stated that he became interested in using barcodes and mobile phones to not only track ROI on print media, but also to use the mobile phones as a communication tool to deliver contextual data regarding campaigns. Donnelly said, “The focus of the Axis Salon project was to design a window display that provides practical ROI through the offer of mobile discount coupons while creating a continuous buzz around the salon name by linking the QR codes to streaming videos that offer an “infotainment” experience that is reflective of the culture of Axis and it’s hip, young customers.”