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FlaminGoDC DCW – Barcodes for events collaboration

Rhumba DCW code

FlaminGoDc represents a Stickybits project applied “socially” over social networks via mobile web, that combines elements of Foursquare, blogging, and gaming. This project was a joint collaboration between the Pink Line Project and QrArts for Digital Capital Week. It begins at the opening party, tomorrow night (June 11) at 9 pm.  Here is is my short PR pitch.

FlaminGoDc birds are ready to go!

As part of a social media experiment, 10 flamingo birds will be passed around DC week with special tags that will allow you to leave a “bit” with them. The action begins at the opening party and continues the whole week.  Find yourself “given” a bird, or happen to be bringing one from event to event? Attach a bit, leave an inspirational comment, or take a picture with whomever you are with. At the end of the week, the birds will be on display with their BitStream to show 10 unique accounts of DC week at the closing party. This is a NEW way of using barcodes in events in a social media context. I am super excited to be a part of this unique collaborative project.  What I find fascinating is that unlike other checkin systems like foursquare, these avatars (flamingos) will be the nodes of conversations and dialog, that gives a physical presence to a conversation. Also, as they are passed from person to person, it will give a diverse documentation of experiences rather then one persons account of what they were particularly interested in.  At the end of DCW, they will show 10 unique experiences that will truely represent all of what happened during DC week. A little “bit” from everyone ( OMG- Seth, I am copyrighting that phrase right now mid blog ).

You can follow any of these tagged birds at home at the following urls. All the FlaminGos were named after famous robots.

1.Wall-e: http://stickybits.com/c/2864965813778
2. R2D2: http://stickybits.com/c/8713723067994
3.Aibo: http://stickybits.com/c/0223143941283
4. hal: http://stickybits.com/c/5750617927175
5. Rosie http://stickybits.com/c/6303524384951
6. Bender: http://stickybits.com/c/16796584
7. Bumble Bee: http://stickybits.com/c/5322462979677
8. Daft Punk: http://stickybits.com/c/5751302927312
9. Optimus: http://stickybits.com/c/5894716979206
10 : Rhumba- http://stickybits.com/c/1677394515078

Download the free Stickybits App (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stickybits/id356204501?mt=8) to your phone to participate in the beginnings of an amazing cloud documented project starting tomorrow night. All you need is a smartphone and a flamingo!

Look out for the updates starting tomorrow night.

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