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The image of Qr – intangible benefits

(A short rant)

I have seen some designer codes that don’t work ( Ive even made some), QR codes that have been reproduced in a way that are non-functional, and QR codes that people don’t use – but people still LOVE them.  What is this about?  Is there a call to action gap? Or are the enthusiasts loving the idea of codes more then the content and brands that the codes link to?

I think an interesting side effect of companies that are using QR codes (and other 2d barcodes ) is that it is giving institutions an image of being forward thinking.  And as codes are becoming more artistic, they are becoming sub-branded logos without the affordance of being a code, which is really remarkable. Ex. Most people who know QR know the LV qr mark, but I only know a handful of people that have scanned it.  People accept them as standalone pieces, and then accept the brand. ( I am ignoring the user bias argument here of only QR people know what QR is, and is it an effective tool. Lets make that an yes assumption for the sake of this post.  )

I think this is an interesting to look at the perceived value of the following pieces of the QR system.

  • Front end: (QR code) First impression, value of the brand, value of the code
  • Back end: (mobile web) In depth interaction with ones brand, connection to web presence

The combination of these two elements creates a better experience with brands.  Thoughts, Comments, Emotions . . .

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