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Can QR be an anti-paparazzi measure/ hijack tabloids?

I owe part of this inspiration to Warbasse Design who triggered a memory for me.  Thanks for the neural inspiration.

Initially I thought it would be interesting if AR was used as a paparazzi deterrent. For ex. someone snapsa a photo of a star, and an AR marker on their shoulder automatically composites a nice smiley face on film over their actual head.  It would level the playing field a bit.  I’m sure what I am proposing has some actual use rather then a hi tech bug spray, but. . .

Could this same principal be applied to QR codes. For example, if a movie star on the red carpet had a QR tag on her shoulder, how would that impact the price of that photo per the tabloid cover shot? Would it be photoshopped out?  Could it be a link to an add, which would be either free PR or a buyout opportunity per licensing?

Just how Warbasse used the QR code in the trueblood teaser to warrant extra impressions, could this same technology be used to hijack current media publications? What opportunities and threats does this bring.


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