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QR Affordance

The interesting thing about making designer codes, is that people need to still know its a code. I guess this goes back to Greg Norman, and how the “afforance” of certain objects give people clues about its usage.  But, my question is that how does that affordance change over time and with culture?  For instance, I assume that as QR ( and other 2d codes ) go into mass adoption it will no longer be necessary to include instructions about what they are and what to do a with them. As a designer, how can I push those limits, stay on the ever expanding edges of that box, but not go too far outside the box where I totally lose people.  I assume that the bits will always be a clue that something is a code, but I love to think about whats next, and what will be.  Its a good esoteric mind debate to have.

What do you think?

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