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TEDxPotomac, QR Arts, QR code t-shirts

Here is a preview of some of the QR codes that you will experience today at the TEDxPotomac event. To view these, download a “qr code reader app” on your smartphone. Your phone must have a camera, and internet connectivity.

Check out these cool t-shirts that were a collaboration between QR Arts, TEDxPotomac, and our Sponsor Navigation Arts.  The vision was to have a T-shirt that changes over time.  The QR code on the back says “Lets Talk” and links to a twitter feed of the event. Thus as people are networking, connecting, and sharing information, the tweets keep coming and each “scan” yields a new experience.  In theory, it could be possible that no 2 scans are the same. After the event, the landing page we set up for the t-shirts will be changed to show a recap of todays events.

In addition to having QR codes on the T shirts, QR codes were featured in the program, and on the name badges (kudos Vincent). There are some obvious connections to how some other events used QR codes ( SXSW to name one ), but I really like how for this event we were able to combine QR codes to display a mixture of dynamic content to have them add value to the user experience of participant interaction. Because thats what TED is about. Sharing Ideas.

QR codes and QR arts – more “ideas worth sharing!”  More photos to come tomorrow after the event. Check out the slide show of some of the communication pieces that were developed for the TEDxPotomac event.  IF you cannot make it to the TEDxPotomac event – we are streaming it live all day ( 9-5:30 ) at  http://www.tedxpotomac.com/live/   .

On a personal note- working with the TEDxPotomac group as a volunteer was such a great experience, and I was happy to be part of such an epic event for GW, Washington DC, and have the chance to collaborate with so many great individuals. A special thanks to Patrick Smith for helping organize the event, Pamela Garlick for helping with me the design pieces. Hope to see everyone at the event tomorrow.

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