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QR for event collateral

Save the date postcard featuring QR code and other social media calls to action

I am very proud to share the GWU Save the date for Alumni Weekend.

Using QR codes and social media tools, this invitation shows how mobile can help integrate print and web media to further amplify the buzz around an event.  After a guest opens the invitation, before they walk from their mailbox to their front door, they can see what people are tweeting, RSVP for the event, join a group on facebook, and participate actively in the #wheresgeorge @gwalumni photo contest.   Yes- these tools would work without the invitation, but the invitation serves as a call to action to bigger things.  And, the use of a QR code ( note: its a standard one) people can be connected to a website instantly without the need for typing in a long url.   As a followup to a conversation I had with a fellow art director today, I think the website could be more mobile friendly, but I appreciate an education institution putting this much thought into how an invitation can be more then just an invitation.

I look forward to seeing what the response of this piece is towards GW alumni, and hope that it helps create a new level of engagement before Alumni Weekend that will translate into higher levels of attendance and participation from the Alumni Community.  I think this will contribute to a very successful campaign.

ps: incase it is unclear from my picture- the invite allows you to “cut out” George, and then encourages you to take pictures with him around the country.

  1. May 17, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Patrick, congratulations for this great campaign!
    Keep up with the good job!

    João Oliveira Simões
    iD Shirt

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