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Exclusive – QR Paint by Numbers

QR Arts has created a QR code that allow for an individual to choose which experience they would like to have.  Simply fill in either the light green or pink dots to complete a code, and then scan the QR code.

This experience is interactive and unique. Possibilities for this type of code would be ideal for binary situations where you want people to actively participate with a printed piece. You could simply have 2 QR codes ( In Support vs. Opposed ), however after spending 10 seconds filling in dots, I WANT to know where the code goes.  I think this would work well for coupons ( lottery ish ), backs of cereal boxes, newspapers, etc.

Please contact QR arts if you would like us to design this unique QR code experience for your clients. We are also interested in getting feedback from the QR community on this type of code.

Step 1: Choose your experience

Step 2-3: Participate, and Enjoy Content

  1. May 7, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Fun idea! I like the idea that one code installation could resolve to different destinations. Reminds me of those billboards that change while you view them.

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